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The follwing interview was conducted by cellist Kay Sherman with jazz pianist/composer Mike Longo in July of 2012 discussing the state of today's jazz. This is part two of that interview. If you would like to refresh your memory of the first part you can read it HERE.

Kay:  Well, this does not apply to all critics right?

Mike: Certainly not!  Like I said earlier, there are many legitimate critics in the jazz world.  I personally don’t like the term “critic” as much as “reviewer”.  The word “critic” seems to cause certain journalists to think that it is their job to find flaws in the music and point them out to their readers.  This is ludicrous when it comes to jazz since it is improvised music and you expect musicians to take chances and be daring.  Of course you might go for something and not exactly bring it off as you intended but if you are an experienced improviser you can usually recover and turn it into something meaningful anyway.  It brings to mind something I recall Coleman Hawkins once saying. “If you don’t make mistakes you are not really trying”.

Kay:  Yes, I recall a critic in Downbeat reviewing a Cedar Walton record and clocking the exact time in the recording, “7:47”,or something like that in which he proclaimed that Cedar “fudged some notes.”  I recall in the next issue a reader complained that it was an example of “self congratulatory hubris in a jazz critic.”

Mike:  Yes I sort of recall reading something like that.

Kay:  What do you think about a critic like this?

Mike:  I don’t!

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The following Rant by Izzy Feldman is part of his series about Jazz Criticizm and is a provocative look at Jazz Journalism from an interesting perspective. We must warn you that some of the comments made may be disturbing to some and we wish you to understand that the opinions and ideas here do not reflect opinions shared by necessarily and are strictly the product of this writers own insights.

The following is continued from the June and July Posting: To read Part I , II and Part III of this editorial: Click Here
Here is The Conclusion of this editorial

Now view this next statement. “On 'A Picture Of Dorian Mode’ a boplike blowing tune, his left-hand comps tend to hang on one voicing until the next chord comes, rather than be fleshed out.”

This has to be the most idiotic statement I have ever read in a review, bar none!  

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Mike Longo
Consolidated Artists Productions CAP1033. All
Blues; Con Alma; Milestones; OW; Freddie
Freeloader; Here Tiz’; Summertime; Tour De
Force; You Don’t Know What Love Is; So What;
A Night in Tunisia.
PERSONNEL: Mike Longo, piano; Paul West,
bass; Ray Mosca, drums.

By Eric Harabadian

This was a special night recorded live at the
John Birks Gillespie Auditorium in the NYC
Baha’i Center in June of this year. This performance
was part of a “theme” series and the trio
wisely put the spotlight on the music of Dizzy
Gillespie and Miles Davis—either compositions

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